Writing and choregraphy Joachim MAUDET with Pauline BIGOT and Sophie LÈBRE
5:05pm – Surtitled in English on July 12th
Running time 55min | Salle 1 | Advised for an audience of 14yo and over | Full price : 20€ – Reduced rate : 14€
5:05pm – Surtitled in English on July 12th
Running time 55min | Salle 1 | Advised for an audience of 14yo and over
Full price : 20€ – Reduced rate : 14€
 WELCOME is an intriguing, thrilling three-person show in which body and voice disassociate, dialogue and intertwine. 
Photo © Festival Parallèle M.Vendassi & C.Tonnerre
‘Who has not dreamt, while strolling along city boulevards, of a world which, instead of beginning with the word, began with intentions?’
René Char
Three figures illuminated in an immaculate white space welcome us.
They walk slowly, predictably.
They gaze directly, deeply, uncertainly.
Their bodies are fragmented:
Vibrating bodies in unyielding skins,
Sleeping bodies with oppressed voices,
Slow-moving bodies making frenetic noises,
Caustic gazes with caring pupils.
Voices spin and rebel,
Words twist and disintegrate

Losing sense and direction.

This ambiguous situation is the starting point for the show WELCOME, a journey in which bodies and voices disassociate, dialogue, intertwine, and flail.

Throughout an infinite metamorphosis, three characters defy the gap between what is seen and heard. Relationship and communication modes are altered, disrupted, desynchronised and disconnected. What we once saw as unified starts to separate; what we perceived as a single entity splits apart; what is coherent ceases to be.
Voices without bodies,
Smiles without mouths,
Tears without eyes.

By dissociating body and voice, WELCOME highlights the human contradictions lying between what is said and done, expressed and received. It invites us to perceive spaces that contain, limit, and separate. WELCOME casts light on divided bodies supporting this need to unite, cross the threshold, and see what is happening beyond us.

Cast Joachim Maudet, Pauline Bigot and Sophie Lèbre
Lighting designer Nicolas Galland
Lighting manager Brice Helbert
Sound designer Julien Lafosse
Regards extérieurs Yannick Hugron and Chloé Zamboni
Vocal assistant Pierre Derycke
Production Aline Berthou Aoza Production
Production Compagnie les vagues
Coproduction Le Triangle - Scène conventionnée d'intérêt national Art et création (Rennes), KLAP Maison pour la danse (Marseille), Les Petites Scènes Ouvertes - réseau national de soutien aux jeunes chorégraphes, Danse à tous les étages - Scène de territoire pour la danse (Rennes), Théâtre de l’Arsenal (Val-de-Reuil), Théâtre de Vanves - Scène conventionnée d'intérêt national (Vanves), Centre Chorégraphique National de Rillieux-La-Pape
Supports DRAC Bretagne, Région Bretagne, Rennes Métropole, Le Colombier (Bagnolet), Le Dancing (Val- de-Reuil), Honolulu (Nantes), Danse Dense, Festival Parallèle (Marseille), Centre National de la Danse (Lyon), Studio Chatha (Lyon), Centre chorégraphique national de Rennes et de Bretagne Les Vagues is supported by the Ministry of Culture - DRAC of Britanny For the performances at the Théâtre du Train Bleu, WELCOME is supported by Spectacle vivant en Bretagne.
Les Vagues
The association Les Vagues was founded in Brittany in 2017. It emerged out of a desire to find spaces for researching, creating and sharing about the body and its different messages. It called on choreographer Joachim Maudet to fulfil his ambitions and produce choreographic work. The company’s starting point was the duet ‘st:riz, first performed in 2019, in which bodies and voices dialogued, weaved, and intertwined. Like an inner journey, this first show set the company’s unique artistic direction by shaking up performance codes, questioning forms and public interaction, and getting up close and personal with audiences. It presented the body as a pluralistic means of communication, a malleable and inexhaustible material, and a source of stories, images and tales. To further explore these themes, the solo GIGI was created in 2021, and the three-person show WELCOME in 2022. The company is currently creating a solo, KID#1, which, in 2024, will launch a cycle on childhood, and is envisaging a show for five performers for the 2026-27 season.
Photos © Festival Parallèle M.Vendassi & C.Tonnerre
Charlotte Cancé
+336 81 85 97 17 | charlotte@aoza-production.com
Sarah Moulin
+337 63 69 14 10 | production.lecompost@gmail.com
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